they’re best friends so they have sleepovers and talk about their boyfriends

based on this [x]

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don’t mind me, i’ll just be sitting here drawing all the Wisteria-jeansahsa

(i drew more but some are here)

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In July every year we have an event called ” Secret Gardens ” Last year we visited some of the best decorated backyards in the neighborhood and this guy had turned the complete backyard into a pond and gardens. The backyard was about 150 feet wide by 50 feet deep and a pond covered 85% of his lot. This 3 level pond was just beautiful and equipped with a filter hidden behind some bushes. The deep end about 4 feet was at the base of the falls, so I guess he left the fish there for the winter. At least this guy had no lawn to cut ! 

I want to live here for the rest of forever

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(Fonte: coffee-tumbler)

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Girls and their humanized clothes.

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Chibi Ryuko and Mako at J - Obsession 2014 *>*

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Mind creator

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